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We, IT Strategic Consultants, manage IT Projects for clients and businesses to help them keep up with the advancements in technology and increase their efficiency and profits. We provide recommendations, guidance, and support to help clients develop and maintain their systems, software, and infrastructure to ensure the best possible performance.



To enhance the capability of the company in providing the excellent service. SMARTPRO with IT Service Management Tools to encourage companies to provide all its capabilities in providing the best experience to its customers.


IT Training

We conduct and provides IT Training both for individual or corporate needs. We tailored the training according to the needs of our customer. 
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Why Smartpro Solusi Asia?

We deliver service and solution to help organizations, align thier ICT objective and goals. Our goal is to improve is the effectiveness of ICT to help our clients archive of business objectives. Our approach integrate strategy, planing, delivery governance and operational point of view to make sure that our solution is comperhensive


To provide strategic guidance to our clients to align their Information Technology initiatives with their business goals To help our client optimize their Information Technology and process to achieve their objectives To become a companion for our clients in order to plan and manage their better Information Technology and Business Process


To provide a world class standard consulting services to our clients To become a trusted advisor for our clients To become most enjoyable place to work for our resources


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"webinarnya sangat bermanfaat, menambah pengetahuan terkait SPBE"

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Rapat Koordinasi dan Sinkronisasi Perancangan dan Pengembangan Sistem Informasi

Rapat Koordinasi dan Sinkronisasi Perancangan dan Pengembangan Sistem Informasi bersama Kementeri

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